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Welcome to the Lift Big Eat Big shop!

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This is us. James, Mona, and baby Mia. James is a professional strength & conditioning coach who's worked in professional and international rugby cutting his teeth at the highest level. He also holds a Master's in Sport & Exercise Science with published research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


Mona is an elite Weightlifter having won a Commonwealth medal at the 2018 Games. She's also an African Champion in Olympic Weightlifting. But that's not all. She's a multi-sport athlete having won 6 Karate World Championships and is a CrossFit Games athlete.


Lift Big Eat Big is our website providing cutting edge strength sports and fitness programs based on our years of experience as athletes and coaches. Now we are branching out to provide you with supplements that work.

Not the speculative, shady stuff that could come from a drug dealer. Supplements that we take and know work.

So, check out what we have and don't hesitate to get in touch!